Horse Training - $900 (Franklin)

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Marable's Horse Training Service
L’Ouverture Dumas Marable
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Welcome to Marable's Horse Training Services!
We want to give you a big warm southern hello!
Here at Marable's Horse Training Services you can feel relaxed and happy knowing that your horse is here in safe hands! We believe in teaching horses the right way the first time! Your horse/ horses will be with an experienced horseman. Needing the true horseman that does his job the first time?
No need to force what’s supposed to be natural. I truly believe that, if it’s bred in them that a great trainer and time will bring it out! If your looking for someone that’s honest and up front then look no further. Here at Marable’s Horsemanship Training I strive to give the horses/owners 100% effort each day! The horses I train progress at a beautiful pace because of the natural horsemanship I present! The horses that are typically “wild” to most are never a problem for me! Over the years I’ve trained count less of horses and learned a tremendous amount from each! One thing for sure is that each horse represents its self differently. With that you have to learn the personality of the horse before you can properly train it!
My teaching is beyond the horse I’m to remember that I’m not only training the horse but the owner as well! See the goal of you as the owner is to be able to understand everything that the trainer has taught the horse.Marable’s horsemanship training wants to ensure that your horse is in great care! Thank you!

Feeding schedule and type: 2 times a day depending on the horse maybe 3 times a day. 1- scoop of Alfalfa/Rice Brain (A.M)
1 1/2 - scoops of Triumph Triple 10 with a half scoop of Alfalfa/Rice Brain (P.M)
Alfalfa/orchard grass hay only.

I have experience in all types of disciplines of riding. Whatever your horse needs consist of do not hesitate to call me.
Colt starting
Tune ups
Farrier service
Gaiting correction
Finishing horses
Just to name a few things that I offer.

1. Basic horsemanship

2. Learning how to understand and read your horse.

3. One on one details about health and condition of horses.

4. Learning to overcome your fear and take back the reins.

5. Gaining self confidence in your levels of horsemanship.

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