Buying sports card collections - $4,321 (Bowling Green)


Avid sports card collector here, looking to purchase your sports cards!

ISO sports card collections, vintage to modern, and all 3 major sports are good. I do prefer a mix but will look at single sport collections as well. If this ad is up I'm looking and do have cash in hand and ready to buy.

To maybe save us both some time, I'll add that I'm not interested in junk era bulk common lots, modern retail base junk lots, or anything of the sort. If you're just looking for someone to overpay for your trash worthless junk cards, take your clown show to the circus where it belongs, I am not the one. I am looking for actual collections, not here to save you because you overpaid ripping a bunch of low end retail trash boxes. If these comments upset you then good, you are exactly the type of person I'm trying to avoid. I'm looking to work with other true collectors and pick up quality stuff for my personal collection.

So anyways with that out of the way, if you have some sports cards sitting around taking up space, and would like to get the space back while making some money I am your guy. Give me a shout! Please send good pictures and an ask price in your first email. I'm not going to give you my number right off the bat, if you can't go through the trouble of sending pictures in your first couple of messages then I'm going to assume you're either trying to run some sort of scam or trying to pawn off your junk and I'm not interested in entertaining any of those sorts of interactions.

Also interested in some other random things, like Garbage Pail Kids cards, and 1980s toys like GI Joe, STAR WARS, M.A.S.K. etc, so if you have any of that as well just give me a holler. Thanks!

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